Children's Mahat Meditation

What is Children's Mahat Meditation?

Children's Mahat Meditation is a course developed by Melaney Ryan, Founder of MRIAC. Our children shape our world's future, and the direction humanity takes.

To best support them to make a positive difference, the Children's Mahat Meditation program was created to give them a space to come together, learn about energy, and support one another in achieving great things in ways that also give back to the Earth and future generations.

What Will Children Learn?

Children will learn how to:

  • Bring stillness, balance, and harmony to their bodies and minds.

  • Apply tools and techniques to help them manage stress, bullying, fear, and anxiety.

  • Ground themselves and anchor their energetic connection to the Earth.

  • Practice mindfulness to improve focus and attention.

  • Monitor thoughts and feelings and how to respond rather than react. 

  • Develop their intuition and insight.

  • Understand manifestation and know what they are seeking begins with themselves. 

  • Build a command of their life experience and create a magnetic presence.

  • Honor their greatness with humility and gratitude.

  • Be empowered in fully occupying their place in life.

  • Work with mindfulness, monitoring thoughts, manifestation, increasing personal magnetism, building intuition, and using meditation tools such as crystals, visual mantras, and chakra cards.

What is the Cost?

One child - $145

Family discounts:

Two children - $270

Three children - $390

This course runs in person only in four one-hour classes or two two-hour classes.

*Course fee includes a take-home crystal/tool kit for your child with crystals and chakra cards.

If you have a group of 5 - 10 children that you would like to take the class together, contact us and we can set it up or check the upcoming events for current offerings.